Why Property Valuation is Important?

Why choose Appraisal for your Property? Having a vague idea of the value of your property simply is not good enough. In order to protect yourself from liability when dealing with partners, shareholders, potential buyers, financial institutions, and government agencies, it is imperative that you have:

  • Certified and well trained appraisers.
  • Accurate and reliable result.
  • Documented proof of your property’s value.
  • Strong database.

Purpose of Property Valuation

    • Financial reporting
    • Auditing
    • Determination of equity
    • Risk management
    • Asset management
    • Real Estate Mortgage for abroad studying
    • Embassy requirement


Why Property Valuation is Important?

    • For Taxes
    • To Analyze Investment Potential
    • For Financial Reports and Audits
    • For Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Loan Applications